Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Korkki Nordic Fat-Bike Race

When I found out that Chris White was hosting a fat-bike race at Korkki Nordic I knew I had to attend.  Korkki Nordic is a privately owned nordic ski trail system north of Duluth.  It's known for it's scenic, technical and hilly trails which are groomed for classic skiing.  It's some of the best "singletrack"skiing you're likely to find. Korkki is not open for bike use, so this was a great opportunity to ride the trails. The event was also a fundraiser to help purchase a new brush mower for the facility.  I knew these trails would be a blast to ride, but the six inches of fresh snow that fell the night before turned this 20k race into an adventure.

Hanging out was as much a part of this event as the race itself.
The race started with a short jog to the bikes and into the woods.  Almost immediately, riders were falling off their bikes, trying to find a line in the soft snow.  "Snow Angels" could be seen all along the trail.  Small hidden bridges (hidden under the snow) were at the bottom of most of the downhills.  Several people crashed on these, myself included.  Riders were dropping tire pressure in an attempt to ride the rare flat parts of the trail.
This type of event tends to attract a rough crowd.
It was fun checking out all the sweet fat-bikes in attendance.
JK sporting a vintage sno-mo suit.
"Apple Pie" shots or a penalty lap!
Steep downhills and fresh powder required riders to assume the
one-legged outrigger position.
 Todd McFadden finished up a great winter season with the win.  JK and I ended up with the red lantern award finishing DFL after 2 laps and 4 + hours on the trail.  I think several riders elected to hit the beer and brats after 1 lap, but there was still plenty left for us.  It was a fun event that I hope will return next year.


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